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About ASSB

About ASSB

ASSB LIFE SOCIETY is non-profit, non-political and Development Organization. It has been working with multi sectoral Communities without distinction of caste, creed and Community in & around Kurnool, Kurnool District & Andhra Pradesh & ASSB LIFE SOCIETY was found & registered in the 2015 & Working vigorously for the Downtrodden & Helpless Persons & Dedicating Development of the most marginalized and vulnerable sections of the society. The basic objective of ASSB LIFE SOCIETY is to introduce experiments and innovations in Development, economic and employment activities of sustainable Development modules in agriculture, environment and ecology, education, women empowerment, childcare. The basic approach is to implement Development Programmes based on the felt needs of the people with an effort to mobilize people’s participation for individuals and Community Development.


To transform and empower the lives of poor and needy people. In and around Kurnool district.


To facilitate the process of Development initiatives in favor of poor towards achieving all-round prosperity, harmony and peace with an equal importance to traditional values, justice and culture as well as with a balanced perspective between natural resources and legitimate needs of people; through appropriate Community based Organizations in participation and cooperation with all the stake holders in a way in which it can gain & sustain self sufficiency and self reliance.


  • To promote primary secondary, collegiate, Technical and professional Education on modern line.
  • To promote standards of Education in all aspects.
  • To maintain educational Institution and run the same.
  • To maintain technical schools and Vocational Training Centre’s, coaching centres and General education coaching. To maintain hostels for the benefit of the economically poor students, especially those who came from rural areas for the purpose of continuing their studies.
  • To maintain an institution to awaken a sense of responsibility in the pupil towards handicapped disabled etc.
  • To develop Medical Education and to provide medical services for the benefit of the economically poor people.
  • To provide good Education standards to the S.C & S.T students keeping proper and special attention them.
  • To plan, guide and extend our help in the career building of the students.
  • To avoid the ill-feeling of attachable in the minds of our students and develop a sense of patriotism.
  • To develop Rural areas
  • To develop Minorities.
  • Conducting and organizing the women and children welfare activities.
  • Promotion of cultural and educational programmes for integration.
  • Organizing trainings in vocational skill development and self employment course etc.
  • Organising promotional activities for Fine Art, Music and crafts etc.
  • Conducting educational and service oriented courses for creating awareness among men and women for their all round development.
  • Running and establishing pre basic education and entertainment courses for children.
  • Establishing sterilization units, health clinics, drugs and alcoholic de-addiction centers.
  • Running Non Formal Education Centres for School Drop-out Children
  • Work for the development of men and women.
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