Assb Life Society

ASSB LIFE SOCIETY is a Non-Government organization (NGO) devoted primarily to serve in the field of women’s development and contributing for changing the living conditions and life styles of women folk and children. Theses women are socially, culturally and economically backward and the status of women is at its low due to poverty, illiteracy & lack of development process. The ASSB LIFE SOCIETY is a Non-profit making, Non-sectarian, and Non-political organization consisting of devoted volunteer members and dedicated staff members. The organization is implementing its programmes in the selected areas of urban & rural areas of Kurnool Urban and Kurnool Rural. The basic approach is to implement development programmes based on the felt needs of the people with an effort to mobilize people’s participation for individuals and community development.


A group of professionals such as Social workers, and also like minded people have come forward to form a society/organization called “ASSB LIFE SOCIETY ” with a aim of improving the status of women, aged, disabled etc and also promoting women’s Empowerment, through Socio-Economic development. Considering the socially, culturally and economically backwardness of the districts. The ASSB LIFE SOCIETY is a leading Non-Government organization, women’s development & to meet the unmet needs of the women folk, aged, disabled etc in the backward regions. After the establishment of the organization in the initial period it has collected the donations and carried out Medical & Health activities in the remote villages & also urban slum areas, where the health facilities are completely lacking. Due to increased awareness, self employment and self development process is visible through their activities particularly among disabled, poor and backward class women folk, aged children.


The ASSB LIFE SOCIETY is aimed at "Improving the working conditions of both rural and urban women and promote women’s empowerment through socio-economic development."


The main objectives of the organization is planning and implementing the social, economical and developmental activities for the total development of the family as a unit in the operational area and involving the men and women in the activities.


  • To promote primary secondary, collegiate, Technical and professional Education on modern line.
  • To promote standards of Education in all aspects.
  • To maintain educational Institution and run the same.
  • To maintain technical schools and Vocational Training Centre's, coaching centres and General education coaching. To maintain hostels for the benefit of the economically poor students, especially those who came from rural areas for the purpose of continuing their studies.
  • To maintain an institution to awaken a sense of responsibility in the pupil towards handicapped disabled etc.
  • To develop Medical Education and to provide medical services for the benefit of the economically poor people.
  • To provide good Education standards to the S.C & S.T students keeping proper and special attention them.
  • To plan, guide and extend our help in the career building of the students.
  • To avoid the ill-feeling of attachable in the minds of our students and develop a sense of patriotism.
  • To develop Rural areas.
  • To develop Minorities.
  • Conducting and organizing the women and children welfare activities.
  • Promotion of cultural and educational programmes for integration.
  • Organizing trainings in vocational skill development and self employment course etc.
  • Organising promotional activities for Fine Art, Music and crafts etc.
  • Conducting educational and service oriented courses for creating awareness among men and women for their all round development.
  • Running and establishing pre basic education and entertainment courses for children.
  • Establishing sterilization units, health clinics, drugs and alcoholic de-addiction centers.
  • Running Non Formal Education Centres for School Drop-out Children.
  • Work for the development of men and women.
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