Assb Life Society

On the Social Welfare Front

  • Orphanages.
  • Old age homes to dismantle poverty trap and combating nutrition, and lay the road to child education elderly welfare without any compromise.

On the Rural Water Supply Front

  • Construction of OHSRs, GLSRs, Cisterns with its own fund across the Mandal.
  • Augmentation to PWS across the Mandal.
  • Construction of Pipe line across the Mandal.
  • Construction of Drains across the Mandal.
  • Construction of IHHLS across the Mandal.
  • Transportation of Water across the Mandal to alienate the Drinking Water scarcity Mandal wide.
  • Setting up of Mineral Water Plants (Safe Drinking Water) across the Mandal.

On the Housing Front

  • House with a Toilet to BC, SC, ST, Minority Communities and Other Categories who are below the poverty line without any caste. creed, religion.
  • Housing for pavement dwellers, Homeless.
  • Housing for orphans.
  • Housing for the old.

On the Road Front

  • Laying of Metal Roads.
  • Construction of Cement Roads.
  • Laying of BT Raods.

On the Health Front

  • Medical Care
  • Child Care
  • Family planning services
  • Health Education
  • Prevention Disease Control
  • To participate in Medical Camps, Eye Camps, Pulse Polio Camp, Blood Donation Camps
  • To Conduct Sanitation Programs
  • Organization of Meetings for bringing awareness on world TB Day, World Asthama Day, World No Smoking Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Duug abuse Day.
  • To Provide comprehensive health, Nutrition services by setting up community Health facilities, mobile Medical Care, handicapped care.

On the Educational Front

  • To establish Nursery Schools.
  • Kinder Garden Schools.
  • Primary Schools.
  • Upper Primary Schools.
  • High Schools.

On the Lighting Front

I submit that ASSB intends to take up Street Lighting in the 37 Panchayats and 44 Habitations across Adoni Rural Mandal with its own fund in public interest. In this context it is submitted ASSB Life Society offers and comes to perform a mother figure that cares for everyone in these 44 Habitations and is interested in their wellbeing and all round development and cherishes that service to humanity his service to god.

The genesis of life-enriching Project A.S.S.B.Life Society' took place in 2014 with a simple wish to spread love, hope and dreams among the not-so-fortunate in our society. With the inauguration of A.S.S.B LIFE SOCIETY on 11th September 2014 first branch in Adoni the desire to give the best to our brethren propelled us to operate on international standards, thereby getting us recognition from all over the world. After climbing one great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. And so the subsequent years saw the initiation of a host of projects in the fields of Education, Environment, Health-Care, Housing in Tribal Areas and Women Empowerment. We take pride in reporting that our heartfelt efforts during the past days have brought smile back on more than millions of faces. But there are more wounds to be healed, more lives to be nurtured. We have chosen to help repair the broken world. And it is not a challenging task that can be met with within a stipulated period, but it is a constant journey of a lifetime. We wish to serve many lives, on behalf of our society. We would like to let students study in schools constructed by Project 'A.S.S.B Life Society'. We finance houses by Project 'A.S.S.B Life Society' - Widows have been trained to earn a living on their own. We also work to preserve the environment by distributing plants (of 6' and above) and we train people in Yoga and meditation. There is a lot more work to be done. Following pages present a picture of our activities and the future path......

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