Assb Life Society

Our Organization will focus on 200 Aged persons in and Around Kurnool & Andhra Pradesh Various Programmes will be executed for the benefit of these children.
They are

  • Purchase of 10 acres lands
  • Building construction
  • Recruitment of 10 Staff
  • Medical services to the Needy Old Age Person
  • Providing food and accommodation for Aged Person
  • Awareness camps on importance Aged persons
  • Formation of SHGs
  • Income generation activities of these 200 families


Sl.No Designation Amount for 1 year Amount For 5 years
1 Resource Teachers @ ₹8000 per month Per Teacher ( ₹8000 x 10 Staff ) ₹9,60,000 ₹48,00,000
2 Purchase of 10 acres lands ₹50,00,00,000 ₹50,00,00,000
3 Building Construction ₹15,00,00,000 ₹15,00,00,000
4 Food and Maintenance for the Aged Person @ ₹500 per person per month ₹12,00,000 ₹60,00,000
TOTAL ₹65,21,60,000 ₹65,64,00,000


Sl.No Particulars Amount for 1 year Amount For 5 years
1 Survey ₹25,00,000 ₹5,00,000
2 Awareness campaign ₹10,00,000 ₹5,00,000
3 IEC Programmes through T.V. Radio print media Outdoor media folk media advocacy and events ₹15,00,000 ₹7,50,000
4 Printing stationary and postage ₹10,00,000 ₹5,00,000
5 Audit fee ₹50,000 ₹2,50,000
6 Documentation ₹50,000 ₹2,50,000
7 Miscellaneous and contingency ₹50,000 ₹2,50,000


Our Organization Motive Help & support all the Old Age Persons with very Limited resources through Trustees, Friends, relatives with very meager Voluntary Donors etc., this is not enough to Expand our service to the Needy Old Age Persons in the society. We are planning to Expand the Service by you Blessings & Support. Hence External Funds are required to Strengthen & Continue to the Activities of the Organization. For your ready reference some of our Activities can please be viewed in our Website: Besides that all our activities are carried out in rented building and there are need of own building and infrastructures for the Programmes.


ASSB LIFE SOCIETY is registered Society; it has been working various sectors and segments. Since its inception ASSB LIFE SOCIETY has been prioritized Development of the Children, Disabled, Women & Aged etc. It is identified that Kurnool Urban District are well known backward regions in Andhra Pradesh. Most of the families are construction workers and exist a large number of unemployed youth. Economic compulsions turn many families to withdraw their children from the schools and send them for jobs at a tender age to supplement the family income. Majority of the people are very poor children are going to school starving people do not care for timely immunization of children and expected mothers due to their poverty. Moral life is lacking among grownups and children. Children wander in the villages with out aim and acquire bad habits like smoking drinking alcohol eating tobacco etc. Some children go for rag picking.


Monitoring of the Programmes is to be done monthly quarterly and annually against set targets. The project coordinator along with the field Staff would share the major part of the responsibility of monitoring various programme implementation and follow-up. Programme field personnel would closely monitor this project through regular field visits under guidance and support from the board members of New Mighty Grace Charitable Trust. The progress of the Programmes and indicators will be used for monitoring the project.


After the project periods the project would attain sustainability through own Community and government support. We will form a SHG and other local committee involving women group members and local leaders to monitor and continue the activities in their respective area


ASSB LIFE SOCIETY will generate quarterly half-yearly and annual reports of the progress of activities as well as financial reports pertaining to utilization of funds provided.

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